The Stage was a room on Club Penguin Rewritten. Players can access the Costume Trunk to buy the costumes for the current play. The play changes every once in a while, mainly each month. Players can operate the Switchbox 3000, which after using each button and lever will earn the player a stamp.

List of Plays

Title Date
The Penguins that Time Forgot February - March 2017
Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal March - April 2017
Quest for the Golden Puffle April - May 2017
Underwater Adventure May - June 2017
Fairy Fables June - July 2017
The Haunting of the Viking Opera July - August 2017
Space Adventure August - September 2017
Ruby and the Ruby September - October 2017
Night of the Living Sled: Live October - November 2017
My Awesome Life - The Herbert Story

November - December 2017

A Humbug Holiday December 2017 - January 2018
Team Blue's Rally Debut January - February 2018
Quest for the Golden Puffle (Encore) February - March 2018


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Ruby Pin (2008)
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