The Stadium is a room in Club Penguin Rewritten. This is the room where players can access the Snow and Sports catalog, to buy sports related items for their penguin or igloo. The walking in this room is different, because of the ground's material. Players can run to the soccer ball and attempt to get it into a goal.

Times active

The following are the dates the Stadium was available until.

Available from Replaced by Ice Rink on
April 26, 2017 December 12, 2017
July 5, 2018 Still available


  • At the Medieval Party 2017, the Stadium was redesigned to fit in with the Medieval Theme. There were seats fit for a King and Queen, and seating for penguins who could support different teams depending on their shield. In the arena, there are also targets and a wheelbarrow. During this party, the Stadium was called "Ye Arena."
  • During the Music Jam 2017, the Stadium had a rock themed stage located on top of it, with a few solid music notes scattered around.
  • For the Water Party 2017, the Stadium grounds turned into a Water Polo arena. However, the Snow and Sports catalog is missing.
  • At the time of The Great Storm of 2017, it rained heavily in the area, leaving puddles. The rain later stopped, and when the Halloween Party 2017 arrived, the puddles were cleaned up and lights were lit.
  • During Operation: Blackout, the sun was blocked out by Herbert P. Bear. This led to increasing snowfall and decreasing overall temperature on the island; including this room.


  • If 5 penguins wear the same jersey, they will earn a stamp.
  • If you walk into the sports booth the catalogue would open
  • For a little while on January 24, 2018, it replaced the Ice Rink due to a glitch.




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