Sensei is a master of Card-Jitsu and a meetable mascot on Club Penguin Rewritten. Sensei is an old penguin, and a master of all elements. He has a white beard, thick white eyebrows, a traditional Japanese straw hat and a walking stick. Sensei refers new ninjas or students as 'grasshoppers'. He is the teacher of Card-Jitsu.

By meeting him, you can obtain a free background and a stamp.


  • Sensei is the master of Card-Jitsu.
  • He mostly speaks in Haiku. And because of this, he is hard to understand.
  • He is an older penguin.


  • Sensei is the oldest penguin on the island, and the only grey penguin. He is one of two penguins to have natural facial hair, the other being Rockhopper. He wears a traditional conical hat and carries a stick.

Favorite Games

  • Card-Jitsu: "I will name an element and you have to answer with what beats it, as fast you can!" (He will trick penguins saying random things like marshmallows).
  • Hit-a-gong: "I will name a creature, and you have to hit the gong with the named of creature!" (Sensei will trick the penguins by saying creatures like seahorses).
  • Ninja Run: Sensei makes penguins run from the right of a room to the left as fast as they can.
  • Sensei Jokes: All penguins need to say one joke that is Card-Jitsu related that Sensei likes.

Sensei's Knowledge of other Famous penguins


  • Rockhopper? Aye we be beard buddies.
  • Rockhopper, you say? He is a most wondrous pirate, as well as wise.
  • Rockhopper? I do not know this lad. Does he know me?
  • Rockhopper. Silly penguin. Much to learn in the ways of ninja.
  • Ah Rockhopper. He has a fine beard. Just like mine.
  • Greetings Hopper of Rocks. How do you keep your beard looking so bold?

Gary the Gadget Guy:

  • Gary? Focused to explain the elements, perhaps he sometimes need to listen more than to his brain.


  • Cadence? Likes to party up. Sensei prefers silence.

Aunt Arctic:

  • Aunt Arctic writes in the paper, does not she. Listen to her words.


  • Rookie is not wise. Couldn't follow the ninja way.


  • His favorite kind of tea is green tea.
  • During Dig out the Dojo, he was known as '??????'.
  • He is the only penguin who has the color 'Sensei Gray'.
  • His user ID is 12.
  • In the Club Penguin Times: Issue 21, it is revealed that he built the Dojo when he was young and with no one else many years ago. Since then, he was wandering in the wilderness learning and seeking wisdom.


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