Rory is a mascot in Club Penguin Rewritten. He runs a construction crew. He is notable for building the PSA HQ and EPF Headquarters.

He is an orange construction worker penguin who always wears a construction jacket and a hard hat, and occasionally orange safety sunglasses.

Appearances in PSA Missions



  • He used to not give a free item or a stamp.
    • He also used to be the only mascot you can be buddies with.[1][2]
  • His first appearance at an official party is the Waddle On Party.
  • The username "Rory" was already taken by another player. The player's name was changed to "Shop Worker" (the name was the player's own choice).
  • Rory's latest Player Card, background and his stamp icon all share the same pose.
  • He was not meetable in-game in the original Club Penguin.