Party/Event Logo Start Date End Date Free Items Notes Characters
New Year's Day 2018 None December 27 January 3 None 2017's last event and 2018's first event. None
Winter Fiesta 2018
January 17 January 24 Festive Maracas, Mini Sombrero Club Penguin Rewritten's first Winter Fiesta. None
The EPF and PSA Rebuild None January 24 TBA Miners Helmet The reconstruction of the Everyday Phoning Facility (Including EPF and PSA) after its destruction during Operation: Blackout. None
Winter Party 2018 None January 31 February 4 Blue Pompom Toque, Yeti Costume The event includes The Great Snow Maze. None
1st Anniversary Party None February 11 February 13 1st Anniversary Party Hat, 1st Anniversary Cake Pin, Ice Cream Apron, Glowing Grid Jacket, Gary Background, Cadence's Autograph, Sensei's Autograph Party celebrating 1 year of Club Penguin Rewritten. Gary, Cadence, Sensei
Penguin Play Awards 2018
February 14 February 28 Press Hat, Video Camera, Penguin Play Award, Penguin Band Awards Giveaway, Aunt Arctic Awards Giveaway An award show to determine the best plays held at the Stage. Aunt Arctic, Penguin Band
50th Newspaper Event
50th Newspaper
February 20 February 28 50th Newspaper Pin, Aunt Arctic Awards Giveaway A celebration for the 50th issue of the Club Penguin Times. Aunt Arctic
Waddle On Party
Waddle On Party Logo
February 28 March 4 Alumni Jacket, Party Hat, Boombox, Club Penguin Rewritten Pin, Cadence's Autograph, Penguin Band Awards Giveaway, Sensei's Autograph, Aunt Arctic Awards Giveaway, Rory's Giveaway, Dot's Giveaway, Rockhopper New Background, Gary Background The final party of Club Penguin Rewritten before it was temporarily shut down. Cadence (Bot), Penguin Band (Bot), Sensei, Aunt Arctic, Rory, Dot, Rockhopper, Gary
Earth Day Party 2018
April 26 April 27 Outback Exploring Hat, Snow Leopard Costume, African Painted Dog Costume The first party of Club Penguin Rewritten since its return. Sensei
Puffle Party 2018
Puffle Party logo
May 9 May 16 Blue Puffle Hat, Striped Puffle Jacket, PH's Puffle Party Giveaway It was postponed due to the temporary shutdown. Puffle Handler
Medieval Party 2018
May 23 June 6 TBA Club Penguin Rewritten's second Medieval Party. TBA