Typical playercard

A player card of a penguin

Each player in Club Penguin Rewritten has their own personal Player Card, which contains the name of the player and their penguin image. A player card can be accessed by clicking on a penguin in-game or pressing the Membership icon on your Toolbar.


Your own player card allows you to change your clothing, and view your stamps and coins. You can also customize your player card with pins, backgrounds, flags and donating to upgrade your Member Icon. Viewing other players player cards will allow you to add them to your buddy list, visit their igloo, find where they are (if they are your buddy), view their Stamp Book, send them a postcard, ignore them, or report them to a moderator. If the player is a mascot, you can collect a giveaway from their player card. You can make 444,444,444+ ways to dress with the player card!


Opening a player card can be accessed by a few different ways, such as:

  • Clicking a penguin, in-game.
  • Clicking the penguin icon on your toolbar to bring up your own player card.
  • Clicking on text someone has recently said in the chat log.
  • Clicking on someone in your buddy list.