Operation: Blackout was a party in Club Penguin Rewritten. It lasted from November 15th, 2017 to December 6th, 2017. It was the second major EPF mission to take place in Club Penguin Rewritten and was the first official appearance of Dot the Disguise Gal and Herbert P. Bear. Furthermore, Jet Pack Guy had his second appearance as a mascot as well.

Prior to the party, Gary was kidnapped at the end of the Halloween Party 2017 on server Ascent[1] and was forced to build the Solar Laser by Herbert, which lead to Operation: Blackout. Because of this, Herbert was able to take over the whole island, freeze the EPF command and become the supreme leader. Agents had to infiltrate his fortress and destroy it in order to stop the Blackout.



At the end of the Halloween Party 2017, Herbert successfully captured Gary during his last visit. Club Penguin Times Issue #35 confirmed that Gary was missing and missing posters went up across the island. Meanwhile, Herbert forced Gary to build the Solar Laser, threatening to freeze him if he refused. Once the invention was complete, Herbert froze him anyway and Operation: Blackout came into bloom.

The Beginning

Herbert's plan was to take over the island and become supreme leader by blocking the sun with a Solar Laser. He planned to change the name from Club Penguin Rewritten to Club Herbert Rewritten. He damaged EPF and PSA's main bases of operations; which includes the Everyday Phoning Facility, The EPF Command Room, the HQ and the VR Room was permanently destroyed, forcing agents to seek refuge underground in the Secret Headquarters. Herbert then planned get revenge on the EPF by kidnapping and freezing the EPF Chain of Command, including The Director, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and Dot the Disguise Gal for putting him into hibernation during Operation: Hibernation.

Chapter 1

On November 15, Operation: Blackout officially started and The Director gave orders through a spy tablet. Agents were ordered to infiltrate Herbert's Base. They were given a Klutzy Disguise or Herbert Disguise to slip past the security and disable the first Security Terminal.

Chapter 2

On November 17, agents were given a Grappling Hook which they were to use to open the door to the second Security Terminal, and then disabled it.

Chapter 3

On November 18, agents received the Plasma Laser, which they used to open the way to the third Security Terminal, and disabled it.

Chapter 4

On November 20, agents received the Deflection Vest to reflect off the laser beams to enter the next sector, where they had to disable the forth Security Terminal.

Chapter 5

On November 22, agents received the Smoke Goggles to see through the smoke and get to the fifth Security Terminal

Chapter 6

On November 24, agents received the last item, which were the the Anti-Lava Boots to walk over the lava in the Lock Down. Once agents disabled the final Security Terminal, the Solar Laser self-destructed and Gary, The Director, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie and Dot were unfrozen.

Finale and Aftermath

Penguins celebrated the end of Operation: Blackout as the sun finally emerged once more. Herbert yelled in dismay after discovering the Solar Laser was destroyed and the blackout was no more. The Director finally revealed their identity to be none other than Aunt Arctic. Both the EPF and PSA were left in damaged states after the party. Although the road ahead is long, the EPF shall rise again.

Even after Operation: Blackout ended, the snow that built up over the party stayed behind, so penguins had to get to work and Dig Out the Island. Even after Dig Out the Island ended, a lot of the snow stayed behind and became part of the decorations for the Christmas Party 2017.


For items obtainable exclusively from the mission interface, see here.

For items obtainable from the party's catalog, check here.

Image Item Location Free
Herbert Security Clearance 6 Pin icon
Herbert Security Clearance Pin By Completing Security Terminals Yes
Klutzy Disguise
Klutzy Disguise Blackout Quest Interface (Tab 1) Yes
Herbert Disguise
Herbert Disguise Blackout Quest Interface (Tab 1) No (500 coins)
Grappling Hook Blackout Quest Interface (Tab 2) Yes
Plasma Laser
Plasma Laser Blackout Quest Interface (Tab 3) Yes
Deflection Vest
Deflection Vest Blackout Quest Interface (Tab 4) Yes
Smoke Goggles
Smoke Goggles Blackout Quest Interface (Tab 5) Yes
Anti-Lava Boots Blackout Quest Interface (Tab 6) Yes
Dot's Giveaway Meeting Dot Yes
JPG OB Background Icon
Jet Pack Guy's Blackout Giveaway Meeting Jet Pack Guy Yes
Clothing Icons 9173
Herbert's Giveaway Background Meeting Herbert P. Bear Yes


  • This party was teased throughout October 2017 and the Halloween Party 2017, in both the Penguin Style Nov'17 and in rooms during the party.
  • During Gary's final visit to the Halloween Party 2017, Herbert kidnapped him on server Ascent.
  • It was the second EPF operation in Club Penguin Rewritten, after Operation: Hibernation during the Mountain Expedition 2017.
  • This was the longest party on Club Penguin Rewritten, lasting a full 3 weeks.
  • During the party, Herbert hijacked the official Club Penguin Rewritten twitter and the blog.
  • The Club Penguin Times was changed to the "Herbert Times" at the beginning of the party.
  • The puffles at the Dock had their modern style, but later on they were changed to have their original design. Similar to the ones at the Pet Shop as well as those that players own.
  • There were six different phases of entering Herbert's Base.
  • There was a glitch originating from original Club Penguin which allowed you to enter Herbert's Base early.
    • The Staff were notified of this and made it so you could still get in but could not move around the room.
    • It has been said that penguins seen performing this glitch may be kicked/banned by moderators.
  • During the party, the entrance to the PSA HQ was closed off, most likely because of the damage on the pillar where the entrance was.
    • It was, however, still accessible through the PSA Spy Phone's teleportation feature. The room, like the rest of the Everyday Phoning Facility, it was on fire. It was impossible to leave through the normal exit.
  • This party caused the Dig Out the Island event, which was due to the amount of snow Herbert had caused to build upon the island. The event began the day following the end of Operation: Blackout.
  • The VR Room that was destroyed by Herbert is now inaccessible.
  • During the party, Herbert changed Penguin Style to Herbert Style.
  • If there had been no space between this event and the Halloween Party 2017, the island would've been in consecutive darkness for almost two months.


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All Phases

Phase 1: November 16, 2017 - November 18, 2017

Phase 2: November 18, 2017 - November 22, 2017

Phase 3: November 22, 2017 - November 24, 2017 (After completing the last terminal at Herbert HQ)

Phase 4: November 24, 2017 (After completing the last terminal at Herbert HQ) - December 6, 2017