Dance Contest is a mini-game in Club Penguin Rewritten, located in the Night Club. The game is similar in style of Dance Dance Revolution in that the player plays the game by pressing specific arrow keys as arrows float upwards across the screen, passing colored markers. The direction the arrow keys face corresponds to which arrow key must be pressed. The more accurately the player presses an arrow key in relation to when an arrow passes a marker, the more points are received. If this is done enough times consecutively without missing, a streak begins, yielding more points.

Additionally, purple puffles can join the game when walked. While they do not affect gameplay, they passively earn extra points.

There are three main modes for all songs:

  • "Easy - Starting out"
  • "Medium - Getting the hang of it"
  • "Hard - In the groove"

There is also a hidden "Expert" mode, which can be seen when you click on Cadence.