DJ Maxx (an abbreviation of Disc Jockey Maxx) is a DJ in Club Penguin Rewritten. He is a retired DJ who helped with the Night Club opening and mentored Cadence.

He made his first in-game appearance at the Music Jam 2017. By meeting him you can obtain a free background and a stamp.



Image Pin
Tombstone Pin Tombstone Pin
Total 1


Did you pick up my super exclusive background?
Who knew that people would remember me after all of this time?
What's your favorite type of dance?
I love to break dance!
The Rooftop is the place to be!
Everyone here should dance!
Flowers for the music jam!
This way!
This is my natural habitat
I retired as I got bored of the DJ life
Stompin Bob is also the best band member as he has the best color
It's hard to say what my favourite Genre is, I like them all!
Night of the Living Sled Three is my Favourite


  • He was previously rumored to be a ghost as he just teleported between rooms and never spoke, however Club Penguin Times #13 confirmed this false.
  • A player had the name "DJ Maxx" for a penguin name until the Club Penguin Rewritten team removed the name, and the player's name was changed to Deuce, which was chosen by the owner of the account. Some players still have him on their friend list.
  • He was previously known as '??????' and gave away the Tombstone Pin.
  • He is the only current penguin with the Black Headphones.
  • He originally wore the original Headphones.
  • He was originally from Penguin Chat 3.
    • This also makes him the first mascot to originate from Penguin Chat 3, and not from Club Penguin.
  • He is the first mascot to give a background original to Club Penguin Rewritten.
  • Players who obtained his pin before his stamp was created were never given the stamp, and instead had to meet him again to obtain the stamp.
  • His background and the backgrounds that he gives out are animated.
  • He was supposed to have a new background during Music Jam 2018, however it was scrapped for unknown reasons.