Clam Waters is part of the ocean surrounding Club Penguin Rewritten that players visit in the first level of Aqua Grabber. It is also the name of the sea to the island's west, near the Beach. This is where most clams are found. Players have to get an enormous pearl known as the Grand Pearl from the Giant Clam. There are other clams too, one of which is holding a black pearl, the rare treasure.


  • You can't capture the Mullet or Fluffy in this ocean, unlike in the Soda Seas.
  • The area's guardian is called "Big Bertha", a giant clam who holds the Grand Pearl, the item that penguins obtain to end the game.
  • The Giant Squid can be found here.
  • The pearl-shaped rock can be placed in the net to complete the level.
  • The Grand Pearl is worth 300 coins.