The Cave Mine is an underground cavern in Club Penguin Rewritten, where miners can dig for treasure. Initially discovered during the Cave Expedition, this cavern was opened up after a rockslide revealed the entrance. Penguins later set up mining equipment, and since then, it is a place to dig for coins.

Tour Guide

Big lights hang on the ceiling. These lights are powered by a machine, in which you can throw snowballs in to power it. In the middle of the room is a huge area of dirt for penguins to dig for coins. There is also a couple of chairs and some coffee to help penguins get through the day. There is also some mining helmets, and if you walk up to them you can pick one up and then start digging! To your left is an entry back to the main Mine, whilst to your right is the mysterious Hidden Lake.


  • During the Halloween Party 2017, the lights emitted green instead of normal. A couple of jack-o-lanterns were also placed in the room.



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