The Book Room is a room in Club Penguin Rewritten. It is decorated with paintings, sculptures, books, plush couches, lamps, plants, and various tables containing the Mancala mini-game.

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To the far left of the room lies a bookcase containing several books including The Journal of Captain Rockhopper, and formerly, the Paint by Letters mini-game. On the back wall of the room, there is a plaque with instructions on how to play Mancala. Five Mancala tables lay in the room. To the right, there is a staircase that leads back down to the Coffee Shop.


  • During the 1st Anniversary Party, red and white balloons, bunting and beanbags were placed around the room.
  • At the Waddle On Party, the room was filled with blue balloons and bunting along with a couple of beanbags.
    • The Yearbook 2017 - 2018 was displayed at a separate table surrounded by two lights.


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Rockhopper's Key Pin
Rockhopper's Key Pin
Crayon Pin
Crayon Pin
Wreath Pin
Wreath Pin
Anniversary Cake Pin
1st Anniversary Cake Pin


  • Before it was removed, you could access the Yearbook 2009 - 2010 for an invitation to the EPF. Just jump to the June section, click the first letters of 'Everyday Phoning Facility' and then click on the top of the agent's spy phone to take the test.
  • From September 25, 2017 the room went under some construction. This was done possibly to symbolise improvement soon for the game Mancala.





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