The Boiler Room is an underground room below the Night Club. Located here is a large filing cabinet, which hosts the previous six issues of the Club Penguin Times.

The Boiler Room can be accessed by climbing down from a fake speaker in the Night Club, or from a door on the left side of the Underground Pool.


  • During the April Fools Party 2017, in place of the boiler was a frying pan. Above it was a caution sign saying "Caution: Hot."
  • At the Medieval Party 2017, the room was fully decorated. The boiler was redesigned to look more medieval; above it was a sign saying: "The Smithy". There were tools such as a jackhammer and wooden hammer hanging up on the wall.
    • The Pin Maker 3000 could be used to create the King's Crown Pin.
    • A "Knights Wanted" poster was also placed near the entrance to the Underground Pool, where the Ye Knight's Quest games could be played.
  • For the duration of the Water Party 2017, the Water Compressor 3000 could be found here.
  • At the Halloween Party 2017, the room was darkened, with pumpkin lights hung from the ceiling. The boiler also leaked green slime instead of water.
  • During the Christmas Party 2017, a huge Christmas tree was placed in front of the door to the Underground Pool. The crates were also wrapped with bows, and part of the room was replaced by a diamond cave with an entrance that replaced the door.

  • For the 50th Newspaper Event, greyish balloons and bunting were hung in the room, with a huge banner reading: "50th Newspaper!"
  • At the Waddle On Party, the decorations from the Halloween Party 2017 had returned.


  • The Green Puffle sitting on the speaker in the Night Club is also the keeper of the Boiler Room as told in a story in the Book Room.
  • The Boiler Room is known as one of the hottest rooms on the Island.


Image Pin
King's Crown Pin
King's Crown Pin
Lollipop Pin
Lollipop Pin
50th paper pin
50th Newspaper Pin
Brazier Pin
Brazier Pin
101 Days of Fun Pin
101 Days of Fun Pin





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